Another Razor in the Trash

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Another Razor in the Trash

Another Razor in the Trash
August 25, 2014 07:25PM
Salutations, Beardies and Facial Hair Aficionados!

My name is Jordan, I decided to become a Member here a few days back.
I had a few complications at first, but with the help of Hotmail and Russ, I was able
to get my footing here.

I'm 24 years of age, about 5' 7" stocking feet.
[Ill have pictures coming eventually]
I live in Rhode Island, However I was born and raised in Arizona. [U.S.A.]

When I decided to join here, not a week ago, I hadn't even decided on a username
yet, when I shaved my face bare for the last time in a while, and threw the razor away. Id like to grow out my first lengthy Beard here with you fine Gents, and blog about it to you. Maybe provide some useful tips when I've finished for other newcomers.

I've looked through some of the recent and older topics, and feel I'll be a good and maybe in time, useful character in your grand scheme of taking over the shaken communities globally! [Sinister Laugh]

I already feel very welcome with the site-master as helpful as he is.

I reckon here's where I stop the Hallmark crap and we start to grow together.

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