Re: Paths to financial success without first murdering manhood?

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(Overly dramatic way to put it, huh? tongue sticking out smiley )

Anyway, in my area having facial hair or being a man with a non-normal hair style basically means you're stuck as a cashier forever and ever, IF they don't turn you away at the door. There has to be a way, though! What would you men suggest as paths to success? What are your own personal journeys to independence and livelihood?
Re: Paths to financial success without first murdering manhood?
January 18, 2014 06:20PM
NO! the key is getting an education, I have a no cashier job, just a job in IT and it pays decently.

My personal journey was serving 10 years in the United States Navy, which did require a clean shave daily.

Uncle Sam then paid for me to go to school, and having the background of being a poor Navy guy I simply wasn't used to over spending on stuff or having a lot of extras, I busted my butt and got a bachelors and masters in Aeronautical engineering in 5 years, working as an EMT at night.

I was used to a very Basic necessity lifestyle. I never even had a credit card until I was almost 30.

Uncle Sam was then nice enough to provide guaranteed loans for me to open a small business, thus ensuring my financial independence from "the man".

If I'm working a "cash register" its because I own the place.
I just signed on as a electrical lineman apprentice. I have a six month beard and they didn't bat an eye. There was another guy at the interview with what I would guess to be about a yeard (murdered his poor stache though). I felt no discrimination. In fact I feel more respected with my beard.
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