Mock the Week Roasts Romney!

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Mock the Week Roasts Romney!

Mock the Week Roasts Romney!
October 03, 2012 06:48AM

For those who don't know of it - Mock the Week is a show from the BBC where they look at current events from a comic point of view - and take particular glee in taking jabs at politicians of all stripes. Romney's recent boneheaded remark about the fact airliner windows don't "roll down" gave them plenty of fodder.

And for anyone about to complain that this is partisan - remember Romney's little foot-in-mouth problem when he visited just prior to the London Olympics; he really did NOT endear himself to the UK at all and I suspect that's part of why they're so gleeful at all this.

As a minor point - note that one of the panelists (Joe Wilkinson) is rather nicely bearded, though he doesn't say much here.

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