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Bearded image used in print...

I thought this might interest some readers......................somewhere online in the bearded world I met a bloke named Rob Mason who had a old time photo taken of himself as our favourite outlaw Ned Kelly. I used this image with Rob's permission on one of my websites. Today I was in a shop which sells various framed prints and I was amazed to find that they had taken this image and another of mine without even bothering to ask. The funny part was how the shop owner thouhght this was actually a photo of Ned. I will have to dress up myself and see if they use that as well. Dave in Oz.

Re: Bearded image used in print...
March 28, 2010 05:25AM
I might not have noticed it myself had you not explained it, but since you have, this photo does have that old-west souvenir look to it.

A real antique portrait probably would have had a chair, perhaps a table (contemporary to the era, so likely Victorian), and a plain backdrop to make the subject stand out. The subject's dress might have included tools of his/her trade (gun or lasso for a cowboy) if the subject took pride in them.

This photo looks a little propped up to me. That is, it is too filled with props that scream old-fashioned, especially liquor bottles. Would a real Victorian have his or her portrait taken with liquor bottles set all about? Also, those bottles look too recent, and the bag that says "$BANK" looks like a prop from an amateur talent show. And the quality of the photo is just too good to be antique.

If your shopkeeper is passing this, and your own photos off as antiques, is he in any way compensating the two of you? Because it sounds to me like he has already committed two very big sins-not getting your permission to commercially sell this pictures, and passing off pictures he took from the internet as antique prints. I hope you have at least informed Rob Mason about this.

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Re: Bearded image used in print...
March 28, 2010 11:49AM
Before I read your comments, I saw the photo and knew, right away, that the photo was of Rob. While it is flattering, I don't think I would take what the shop owner says about any of the framed prints he sells, as gospel. That's incredible.

One of Bruce's gallery photos posted on this site, was "stolen" about a year ago. I am a bit reluctant to post photos here anymore.

Re: Bearded image used in print...
March 29, 2010 02:40PM
Its funny how folks will do that. I can tell just by looking the photo isnt very old, the colours and composition are all wrong.

Ive recently stumbled across a bunch of my photos being used without credit to me and Im both flattered and annoyed. It's an odd juxtaposition. In the end I notified the culprits, got the crediting fixed and was assured they were not being used for commercial gain.

There are legal options available in most countries if he feels the need.

I have sent him an e-mail so he knows.
I am going to ask for the name of the supplier next visit.
I will have to load an old time pic of myself and see if they take it lol
The internet is a wild place at times. Dave in Oz.

They have done it again!
Check this one on E-bay 290439084889
I have e-mailed a complaint to the seller.
Dave in Oz

Good news, I just heard from the Chinese supplier who says production will cease immediately. Dave in Oz

Re: Bearded image used in print...
June 10, 2010 08:33PM
Wonderful news, Dave. Now, if only you could get them to pay you for what was sold. winking smiley


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