Re: preparing next production.

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Re: preparing next production.

preparing next production.
March 11, 2010 03:27AM

As most of you know at my most Time I'm making short movies, I haven't shot since last July and I was very busy during the last months so I hadn't time to put some idea on the paper ... or not something "original" and fresh.

I also have to make the step of team working and not just intimate movies.

So next one will be a "block buster" style catastrophe movie ... invasion from space is great classic but you have so many movies with flying saucers that everything has been seen

But "invasion of " is a good starting point ... I had weeks to find something never seen ... jellyfish invasion ... too real ... but flashy jelly cubes ... that it !
"the invasion of the jelly cubes" that's it ... flashy bobbling jelly ! gluing everything !!!

My budget is near 0 of course ... so how can do giant flashy jelly cubes falling everywhere , covering the whole country ?

VIRTUAL jelly cubes !

Here is just a trial but the artificial render looks good :

No beard, No soul

Re: preparing next production.
March 11, 2010 08:04AM
I agree, it does look good as a start!

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