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Re: A fine beard takes some care!

1 year with no shaving
July 14, 2019 05:22AM
Well yesterday marked a milestone for me-1 year without shaving. I had 3 trims during the year to keep it looking somewhat neat and full-if not done it would easily be inches longer but scraggly looking. I like being able to put on light shirts without these showing through the beard!


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Re: 1 year with no shaving
July 14, 2019 08:58AM
Looks good!
Re: 1 year with no shaving
July 14, 2019 10:08AM
Look great. Further encouragement for those who want to see what kind of beard they can grow. It takes time. Congratulations on your year beard.
A fine beard takes some care!
July 16, 2019 12:33AM
Thanks Russ! My goal is to get it mid chest. It grows very thick like yours so it may start getting in the way...I'll see if I like having it that long. I'm having it trimmed up with my hair about every 4 months to keep it a bit tamed! I think what helps is putting beard oil in it every night so that it soaks in. I use a mixture I make of 2/3 cold pressed castor oil to 1/3 cold pressed jojoba oil with 5% peppermint oil. It makes it real soft by morning and may make it grow thicker.

In the morning I just wash my face in the sink with warm/hot water to clean off the excess oil and then condition with Scotch Porter's beard conditioner that I comb through with a wide toothed shower comb and then let it soak in the beard while I brush my teeth. Then I wash off the conditioner with cool water and pat dry my face with a towel and then blot it dry with a cotton T shirt. Then I oil it again with a thinner mixture of just jojoba oil and 5% peppermint oil and brush it through with a medium boars hair brush. I then use a mustache and a beard wax to lock in all the moisture and brush that through as well. Finally I use a wide toothed Afro hair pick (it has longer teeth than a beard comb) and comb it from the ends to the root slowly so nothing gets pulled out. By the time u get to combing the entire length of beard it shouldn't have tangles. The oil will help tangles get free without breaking.

I think keeping the beard moisturized will prevent it from breaking too soon. Do u see a bunch of short beard hairs in the sink all the time after brushing the beard? This means it drying out and brittle and won't get as long as possible.

So how much beard oil do I use. A lot more than I've read on the side of Honest Amish Beard Oil and one of the reasons I mix my own from large bottles of cold pressed castor and jojoba oil bottles. The castor oil (the Jamaican Black Castor smells in hot environments like crap, so get the regular) is supposed to encourage hair growth and I add 5% peppermint oil which is supposed to do the I love the smell. I use a digital scale and fill a small container with 27 ml (or g) of castor oil and 13 ml (or g) of jojoba oil. Funnel everything into a 2 oz. amber tinted glass dropper bottle. Then add 40 drops of peppermint oil to the bottle (this will give 5% strength). Put the glass dropper for the 2 oz bottle on tight and shake to mix. Store it in a cabinet away from light.

I apply the oil the way this guy does it in his beard care video:

video: []


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Re: A fine beard takes some care!
October 18, 2019 08:42AM
Looking really good, Marty!

Tom W. in Tucson

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