Swamp Gypsy... now probably for ever!

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Swamp Gypsy... now probably for ever!

Swamp Gypsy... now probably for ever!
July 04, 2019 01:30AM

After ten years with a full (and most times fist-long) beard, I definitely discarded this look last week... and contrary to 2009, let alone 2007 or 2003, this time I'm quite pleased with the sight. My long-bearded loved one is somewhat reserved, but I think he will get over it.

To me, the highest priority now is losing weight - the stache would look even better on a less chubby face. And, then I'll finally will be able to wear that kind of garb with fits into the "swamp gypsy" image (i. e. baggy pirate-style leather pants, wide-sleeved frilled (leather) shirts, waistcoats etc., the full swashbuckling thing) without looking ridiculous...

I will, however, keep occupying myself with electronic music, synthesizers, organs, rather than attempting to learn guitar!

See you in Khyberspace!

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Re: Swamp Gypsy... now probably for ever!
July 08, 2019 12:10AM
Yadgar, I like it... But I tend not to say words like "forever" or "never" when it comes to my beard. You never know when the mood for a change might strike.
Re: Swamp Gypsy... now probably for ever!
October 18, 2019 08:48AM
Looking good, Yadgar! I hope you're having luck with the weight loss--that can be hard to do without some sort(s) of lifestyle change and body awareness. The stache is well on its way to swashbuckling status already.

--Tom W.

Tom W. in Tucson

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