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Beard Texture

Beard Texture
June 25, 2019 04:47AM
I'm an American Caucasian mutt with German and Irish ancestry and who knows what else. My beard comes in thick and bushy but until almost a year ago I never let it go more than 2 weeks without a trim and cut it back short every month to 3 months. Basically I never found out what kind of texture it had until now. It's wavy and almost curly on my sides and pretty straight (though kinky) on the chin. Though these are different when compared to the hair on your head because beard hair is approximately twice as thick. My head hair is wavy and curly but does that while short. I didn't realize my beard hair was wavy until it was around 3 inches long.

Are other guys beard textures the same as this or are they all different and dependent upon what type of head hair you have?


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