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Re: Big Beard Trim Video

Big Beard Trim Video
February 03, 2019 04:16AM
I'm curious... Do you guys like the before or the after better?


I'm usually a fan of length, but I think that trim looks pretty darn good!
Just my 2 cents...

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Re: Big Beard Trim Video
February 04, 2019 10:46AM
There are a number of You Tube videos with that beard stylist. He's a master. The fact that the guy getting the beard trim travelled 90 miles to get his beard trimmed by that guy was smart thinking.

I like what he did to the sideburn area and the mustache, but I don't like the roundness shape he gave the bottom. That's just my preference, though; I like the square-type and straight-edge-bottom cuts. I would have been fine with him leaving the wispy bottom hair and just giving it a straight cut as best as possible. It might have made for an interesting contrast with the precision and thickness of the sides and cheek area with the wispiness of the bottom. But I guess the world will never know.
Re: Big Beard Trim Video
February 09, 2019 05:19AM
I guess the after looks better...but not by much. It was getting scraggly looking (which I didn't notice till I watched it twice) and the trim did help it look fuller.

That guy has quite a mustache and similar to what I'm going for. The walrus look!!

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