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Re: Beard Problems

Beard Problems
February 03, 2019 04:07AM
I think a lot of us would like to have this guy's problems...


(Full disclosure, I've had a beard about that long, and think I'd like to go that way once again. We'll see...)
Re: Beard Problems
February 04, 2019 11:02AM
Hey, we've seen this guy before. Spoiler alert: He eventually shaves it all off. He cuts his hair really, really short, too. :-(

Now, this gentleman is exaggerating a lot of this for humor's sake. It's truly not that bad at all. Zippers on coats are problematic, I give him that one. Certain foods can be a pain, as well. But you learn to adapt. I would never eat a hot dog with all those spreads on them like that; I use a knife and fork, and it's just fine. I don't eat ice cream on a cone either; I get my ice cream in a dish and eat it with a spoon, and that's fine, too. Soups aren't that bad either. Sure, from time to time, you'll get a drip here and there, but nowhere near like he was experiencing.

And you don't need nearly that much shampoo. That was just silly. I have long hair and a long beard, so I should know. Tying a tie is tricky; I give him that one, as well. And he's pretty close to what it looks like when you use the toilet, too. [Laughs.]

It sounds like you're really getting the itch there, TwoBear. We'd all like to see that award-winning massive beard of yours come out of retirement one more time. :-)
Re: Beard Problems
February 09, 2019 05:32AM
Now I understand a bit more why he shaved it off. Temporary ponytail hair tie helps hold the beard together and away from the cloth tie while knotting the tie. Shampoo for the head is bad for the face-they make beard shampoo for a reason. Maybe a loose beard braid would help with the jacket zipper thing-I just tilt my head up when zipping and don't get snagged without a braid but mine is only 6 months...maybe I'll do the loose braid thing by the time I get to 2 1/2 years.

Informative video-now I understand some of the daily frustrations Russ had!


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