Castor and peppermint oil makes beard grow fast & full?

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Castor and peppermint oil makes beard grow fast & full?

Castor and peppermint oil makes beard grow fast & full?
January 20, 2019 11:31PM
Well, a while ago I read that peppermint oil helps to make the beard full. I also read that castor oil is really good at growing hair (scalp hair). So, over 6 months ago I made my own mix of castor oil and peppermint oil and have been putting it on my face everyday and my beard growth rate seems to be 1 1/2 times the average growth rate (my rate is 3/4" a month-this thread talks about how to figure it out: Beard Growth Rate ) and my beard is very thick and full-no bald spots on my face.

Here's what to do as castor oil has a bit of an odor if it's yellow in color. Buy the cold pressed stuff as it is clear and doesn't have as much of a scent. This is what I bought:

Cold pressed castor oil

This big 16 oz bottle lasts for a while and I got it for $18 but if u just want to try it then there are 2 oz. amber bottles with glass droppers. Just make sure it's cold pressed and this is the carrier oil.

Mix a little peppermint oil (essential oil) into it in a glass amber bottle. U want a 3-5% mix. Here's the details of how to do that:

9 drops essential to 15ml carrier = 3%
15 drops essential to 15ml carrier = 5%

15ml = 0.5oz

I bought this peppermint oil back 8 months ago and still have half a bottle.

Peppermint Oil

Recently I was given Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Black Jamaican Castor Oil

It even has more of a scent and I put this on in the morning when I wake up and wash it off an hour or so later. It's thick like honey. Wet your beard first and then put a dime size amount into your beard. I do it twice as I have a lot of growth now and then spread it with a wet detangling brush:

Wet Detangling Brush

Add a little peppermint oil to the Black Jamaican Castor oil for full beard growth.

After an hour or so my beard has absorbed most of the oil and my beard is softer. I also have another mix of jojoba oil and peppermint oil with the same proportions. I've been rubbing in the lighter jojoba oil mix in the morning and the castor oil mix at night for the last 6 months but now started using the Jamaican Black Castor oil in the mornings and washing it out after absorbed. Then I follow this up with the jojoba oil mix and leave that in all day. The jojoba oil mix with 5% peppermint oil smells like peppermint as does the regular cold pressed castor oil with peppermint oil.

Here's a video talking about the benefits of peppermint oil for the beard. I was skeptical at first but followed the links in this video to read about the government study.

video: []

I seem to have faster growth than others but to be honest I can't say for certain that it's because of the peppermint oil because I never measured the growth rate of my beard before 6 months ago when I started this. But others seem to also be saying it does grow hair.

Hope this helps!


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