beard growth rate

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beard growth rate

beard growth rate
January 11, 2019 09:24PM
Have u guys ever measured your beard’s growth rate? I never did till over the last 6 months. What I did was keep a log of my beard length at different areas on my face each month. Then no trims which means the beard must be moisturized so that hairs don’t split and get straggly. I use a wash out beard conditioner every day, homemade beard oils (jojoba, castor, and a little peppermint oil), and beard balms with bees wax. Your beard should be really soft and not feel like a Brillo pad. Also, when u brush out your beard u don’t want to see a bunch of short hairs in the sink.

Doing regular measurements really helps u know how things are going with your beard growth. At times I didn't feel like my beard looked any longer and it was encouraging to see the numbers and that my beard actually is still growing.

The average growth rate of beard hair is 1/2” per month. I’m seeing 2/3”-3/4” per month!!

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