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Re: DIY mustache wax with no DHT blockers

DIY mustache wax with no DHT blockers
September 11, 2018 01:01AM
I started looking for a no DHT blocker mustache wax and didn't get far when I saw that it only takes 2 to 4 ingredients and making the wax can be done on your stove top. I found this link for the how to but it uses DHT blocking coconut oil and I'm just gonna replace it with a peppermint and jojoba/meadowfoam oil mix.


I'm thinking of this organic recipe with no DHT bockers in a 2 oz. tin. I think this will make a 3% peppermint oil mustache wax. I'll post some pictures when I make it.

2 tablespoon bees wax pellets
1 tablespoon meadowfoam oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil
36 drops of peppermint oil


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Re: DIY mustache wax with no DHT blockers
September 11, 2018 10:34AM
I'm curious... Tell me more about DHT blockers.
Re: DIY mustache wax with no DHT blockers
September 11, 2018 11:01AM
DHT is a part of testosterone that is what gives men facial hair. It is also the cause of male pattern baldness and so a lot of products for the head have DHT blockers and this is desirable to a lot of people on the scalp but not on a man's face. Many natural ingredients are thought to be DHT blockers like coconut oil.

Here is more about DHT blockers

Here is a DHT blocker list
Re: DIY mustache wax with no DHT blockers
September 11, 2018 10:53AM
Well, I made it tonight using that double boiler method. I used a glass Pyrex spouted bowl as the inner boiler that had the wax and oils. After pouring it into your tin then immediately put some dish soap in there and soak it in hot water and then wash with a soft sponge. I felt the wax sticking to the bowl but after going over it with an abrasive sponge it came right out. I've been using peppermint oil for a while, so I'm used to it and went with a 5% mixture (60 drops peppermint oil). I read not to go over 5% and sticking in the 3-5% range will thicken your mustache. Here's a picture of everything when done:

DIY Mustach Wax Picture

My Mustache Taming Wax needs something else?
September 11, 2018 10:21PM
That recipe needs something else. It does leave a faint colonial candle smell. Maybe it's the type of bees wax I used-it's gold and I noticed that the mustache wax I bought uses a white wax. I'm not sure what to add that's not a DHT blocker. It has terrific hold, though and great for training mustache hairs which way to grow.

The wax manufacturer says it's a mild aroma and almost unscented so I guess it could be worse. I'll try melting it and stirring better.


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September 12, 2018 10:45PM
Last night I heated the wax tin up again in a shallow pan of water until melted and added some jojoba oil and peppermint oil then stirred real good with a small plastic spatula and then carefully took the tin out of the water with a pair of pliers and let it cool on a plate a couple minutes then moved the entire plate to my refrigerator where it quickly setup again. No more wax smell and the hold is still good. Here's the total recipe:

2 Tbsp organic bees wax
1 Tbsp organic meadowfoam oil
1 1/2 Tbsp organic jojoba oil
70 drops organic peppermint oil

This will give a 5% mustache taming wax. I think putting it into a refrigerator helped it to setup quick so the ingredients didn't separate. 2 oz of mustache wax should last a very long time.

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