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Re: Beard dying

Beard dying
July 15, 2018 11:10AM
I'm new here but had a full trimmed beard or goatee for 25 years. As the years have gone by I started getting grey like everybody else my age and older but mostly in my beard area and not as much in my hair. I've decided to go full Viking and not trim anything except what gets in my mouth with the intent of getting it to my chest. So now I have 3 days growth on my neck and jaw but a full goatee however my beard will probably add 10 years to me since it's pretty much all grey. I looked at dying videos on YouTube and it seems like a pain. Does anybody here do that?

Re: Beard dying
August 04, 2018 02:17PM
I dyed my beard for several years and as I let it grow long in 2013.
I used Just for Men for Beards and it is pretty easy to use and does not have a strong odor.
I stopped dying the beard in 2016 after turning 50 (and also after developing an allergy to the dye).

I thought the dye looked natural at the time, but now when I look back at photos, it looks weird to me. I tend to notice dyed beards now more than I used to.

I'm not sure how much older the grey beard makes me look, but I've accepted it. One thing I did find cool as the dye slowly worked its way out is how my natural beard color is more interesting. It has dark and light areas which adds more character than all one color.

So here is the thing you'll need to consider if you do dye it. If you decide to stop dying it, you'll have to be patient as the color works its way out. It will fade some, but you'll still have a two-toned beard as the dye line moves further and further down the beard. If you grow it long, then it will be around for a while.

See attachments for dyed and natural.
open | download - 13501650_10154411624134180_8587166529850064303_n.jpg (131 KB)
open | download - 36121324_10156611080164180_851584095153553408_o.jpg (368.9 KB)
Re: Beard dying
August 05, 2018 12:16AM
Personally not a fan of dyed beards. My partner was dying his when I first met him and I convinced him to let it go natural.
Re: Beard dying
August 09, 2018 11:13PM
I found a hypoallergenic plant beard dye I've been using by Grizzly Mountain and like the results. It did take a couple times for the dye to take right since my beard is coarse and it needed 2 coats of the included base to soften up my beard so the dye takes (it leaves a green tint after 12 hours of adjusting that stays when it doesn't work right). It doesn't apply a uniform color to my face like shoe polish or stain your skin like Just For Men but keeps the different shades you'd expect in a 20-30 year old man's beard.

Here's their site but I got it from Amazon:


I'm doing this for my brother's wedding and it is permanent. I started this 2 weeks before the wedding and reapplied a lighter coat last weekend and the wedding is in 2 more days so it's faded some to match my hair but still looks good.

Re: Beard dying
August 12, 2018 10:35PM
Post up some before and after pictures when you can!
Re: Beard dying
August 17, 2018 08:22AM
I don't like to post pictures of myself. I did find that a mere 10 minutes with the light brown gives a golden color which is closer to my hair. At places where my beard is shorter and I can still see my face, I see this. However, because the dye is permanent I cannot see it through the thicker areas which are a darker brown unless I trimmed it or waited till it reaches my chest which is what I'm going for!

Re: Beard dying
September 10, 2018 06:06AM
I decided to post some before and after pictures like u were looking for at a different thread:,132954,132954#msg-132954

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