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1st time on the bulletin board

1st time on the bulletin board
November 25, 2017 09:48AM
I've had a beard for most of my adult life (I just turned 69), but it's always been fairly short and trimmed close. I recently decided that I'd prefer a beard a bit longer (Just medium length, I guess.) and I just started using products- beard wash. oil and balm. I also bought a beard comb and brush. So, I guess you could say I'm pretty serious about trying to sport a nice beard. I've reached a point where it should be trimmed by a professional. I tried trimming it a few weeks ago, and it was a disaster. I'm not even sure if this question is appropriate for this site. I live in a suburb of Boston MA, about 10 miles west of Boston. How do I find a professional whose job is primarily trimming beards? My barber is a woman who does a nice job on my hair, but I don't feel comfortable asking her to trim my beard, especially now that I've spent a couple of months "growing it out".
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