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Re: stuttering and beard

stuttering and beard
July 08, 2017 10:56PM
Often beard is a sign of masculinity... and you know. the most of stutterers in the world are males... are here someone (except of me) who is bearded and stutters?smiling smiley

hugs to all

Re: stuttering and beard
July 09, 2017 06:47AM
Not so much anymore, but I went to speech therapy for years because of stuttering as a child. Now it is mostly under control unless I'm very nervous or excited.
Re: stuttering and beard
July 09, 2017 01:17PM
Hi Tom thanks for your reply... It would be nice to find other people with similar thingssmiling smiley no?
Re: stuttering and beard
July 09, 2017 11:53PM
One of the things I've enjoyed about Facebook is that I've come to know so much more about the people I've met in the various forums and bulletin boards. Finding out that friends from the beard board and I have many other things in common...
Re: stuttering and beard
July 10, 2017 02:11PM
yes but facebook it's too much open to many different things.. we lose our goal in facebook
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