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Re: Long time no see...

Long time no see...
September 18, 2016 07:38AM
Sorry that I've been absent for so long! Will it help a bit that I return bearing this awesome photo?

Support your local cigar smokin', whiskey drinkin', big bearded biker trash!
Re: Long time no see...
September 18, 2016 08:59PM
It's been too long, Furr! It is pretty slow around here these days... I think a lot of the action has moved over to Facebook.

I look a bit different than when you last saw me. Check out the attached image. winking smiley
open | download - 13055457_10153690543622017_5541813347795287601_n.jpg (49.4 KB)
Re: Long time no see...
September 19, 2016 04:36AM
Great photo, and great beard!!

I wouldn't know about That Place - I've never had an account there, and don't plan to ever have one. Nearly every news piece I see about that site reinforces my position....

I will admit that I visit Berkeley Breathed's page on that site because it's the only way to keep up with the revived Bloom County comic strip... but I can do that without having an account. And I repost the strips to a community on Google Plus to spare others the indignity. winking smiley

I look pretty much like I have for a long time, somewhat incrementally greyer of course. winking smiley
Re: Long time no see...
September 22, 2016 10:57PM
Furr Wrote:
> Great photo, and great beard!!

Thanks! It's been just over three years now since I decided to grow long again. I'll admit there has been a tiny bit of trimming here and there along the way just to even it out and deal with a few stragglers. Still, I'm enjoying the journey immensely, and I don't foresee going back to a short trimmed beard any time soon - if ever!
Re: Long time no see...
September 21, 2016 04:56PM
Hi Furr, thanks for checking in! That's one wild and wacky awesome photo! I've had my beard get into my cereal milk sometimes, but never quite in that fashion. Do you know who the guy is?

Regarding your response to TwoBear, I'm on Facebook, but don't put much there or obsess over it much. And I too follow Berkeley Breathed's new work there. It's delightful to have a comic of that quality that is often based on news events of the prior day, unlike newspaper syndicated strips that may have a time lag of a week or two due to the way they're submitted to the syndicates.

But yes, lots and lots of bearded folk are now on Facebook. TwoBear's Facebook friends alone are a treasure trove of beardedness. Sometimes I'll click on a friend, and see who that person's friends are, and click on one, and repeat a few times, and see where I get to. Someone in Ulan Bator or Monaco or Dubuque.

We could think about what makes BCBB distinctly different from Facebook and what, if anything, in those differences might be played up as an attraction to draw more bearded brethren back here. Or might there be some extra functionality that could possibly be plugged in here that could, while being of little to no work or cost for our dear host, perhaps act as more of a draw while not significantly changing the nature of this place?

Things to ponder...


Tom W. in Tucson

Re: Long time no see...
September 22, 2016 10:43AM
What I've enjoyed most about Facebook is learning how my various friends are connected in ways that I wouldn't have known just from topic specific boards like this one. Like finding out that some of my beardo friends are also interested in African violets, or that one of my Miata friends is a major beardo... It has made the world a lot smaller for me!
Re: Long time no see...
September 22, 2016 06:57PM
I understand convenience - somehow it seems easier to post on Google Plus (where I tend to hang out) than on my LiveJournal - yes, I still have one and feel like I really should post to it more often, but somehow I don't...

Still, I really like places like this and LJ where the conversation is threaded rather than just a stream of comments and it can be difficult to figure out who's responding to what....
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